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    Democrats Illegal Search Trumps Home Pulls Republicans Together

    The wicked witch hunt the Democrats are engaging in against former President Donald has revealed just how many supporters the man has served in politics today. The abuse of power demonstrated by President Biden and his support of the search of Trump’s home shows how paranoid the Democrats have become. The search also shows how […] More

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    Why Hasn’t the FBI Raided Hunter Biden’s House?

    President Joe Biden is as crooked as he is crazy. He loves to use his position in the federal government to help his family members get ahead by breaking the law and forcing people to do things they should not be doing. The president’s son is no exception to the rule. He has been found […] More

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    Another Day, Another Case of Insider Trading From the Left

    Despite the best efforts from the left to distract Americans with new allegations about former President Donald Trump, news about China’s rhetoric, or nonsensical headlines most could care less about, the truth always comes out. Their latest truth is the uncovering of how corrupt their investment practices have become. Starting with Speaker of The House […] More

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    Fox Raises the Question of FBI Planting Documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Residence

    Following the FBI raid on former President Trump’s investment crown-jewel residence in Mara-Largo, Florida there has been an outpouring of support for him and questions about just how politicized the FBI has become. Even after leaving office, President Biden and the rest of the left don’t want to leave the man alone. In his four […] More

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    There’s No More Help for the Disabled As State and Federal Funding for Long Care Facilities Runs Dry

    Private agencies that provide care for the mentally and physically disabled are in dire straights due to a lack of state and federal funding. This, coupled with the lingering effects of COVID-19 and skyrocketing inflation has left many facilities near penniless and unable to provide much-needed services.  Agencies that have been hobbling along for the […] More

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    The Dems Have Egg on Their Faces…the Ketchup Is About To Fly…Trump’s Furious

    Democrats are being held to account for storm trooping into Mar-a-Largo like a D-Day invasion. Swarms of special agents combed through every speck of dust in Donald Trumps Miami residence, and Republicans are demanding answers they have yet to receive.  Attorney General Merrick Garland, who authorized the raid, is facing stern retaliation from the GOP […] More

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